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InPuT Fest – International Puppet Theatre Festival Karlovac. The creation of the visual identity for the International Puppet Theatre Festival Karlovac, showcases a unique blend of culture, education, and the rich traditions of Karlovac. Organized by the “Zorin Dom” City Theater in collaboration with the City of Karlovac, Karlovac County, and the Ministry of Culture and Media, this exciting project aims to revitalize the city center by offering a diverse range of puppet shows and events. Leveraging the city’s historical significance and excellent transportation connections throughout Croatia, InPuT Fest invites both locals and visitors to immerse themselves in the enchanting world of puppet theatre. 

The InPut Fest visual identity embodies the creative representation of the festival’s essence. The symbol, a whimsical yet meaningful, features a frog—an unofficial symbol of Karlovac—standing proudly on a stage, suspended by lines reminiscent of puppet strings. With a joyful expression, the frog symbolizes the spirit of the festival, evoking a sense of happiness & wonder. To complement the symbol, I choose the typography that strikes a harmonious balance between playfulness & elegance, reflecting the values of the theatre and the rich cultural heritage it upholds. The carefully curated colour palette adds depth & character to the visual identity. The primary colour, a vibrant shade of green, captures the liveliness & energy of the festival while the secondary warm purple-red & pastel beige-orange hues provide playfulness & infuse the visual identity with a sense of creativity & artistic flair.


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